Teaching Kids

Ms. Doskocil


11 December 2015

Community Outreach Project

Teaching Buckeye Elementary

Teaching the kids of Buckeye Elementary really opened my eye on a lot of things. From the teachings skills required to make sure students learn the subject topic, the information needed to back up any questions that may be asked, and a lot more on the topic that I was actually teaching. For the first class, I felt that everything was extremely scrambled and unorganized; mostly because it was our first class to teach, and there was not a set plan to teach those students. Not only that, I forgot that the students get to ask questions, and was not expecting anyone to ask us to elaborate on how the fire got put out by the carbon dioxide, or even where the carbon dioxide came from.

This experience taught me that there has to be an ignite for a fire to start, and this all taught me everything needed to make a fire, and what can be done to put out a fire. Not only did I learn from this experience, but I think the kids that we taught as a group learned much more than I did in that one day.


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