fTIBdFTYTQ2bh8OKGeFeyAYoungker chapter of SNHS is sponsored by Ms. Dayna Doskocil.  Ms. Doskocil graduated from San Diego State University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in biology, emphasis zoology.  She worked in animal care for 8 years, which allowed her to work with education animals, big cats, and large herbivores.  In 2010, she left animal care to pursue a career in education and graduated from Arizona State University with a masters in secondary education in December 2011.  She came to Youngker in January of 2012 to teach chemistry.  She graduated with a masters in science in chemistry education from South Dakota State University in December 2017.

Ms. Doskocil loves teaching chemistry and is excited to offer three levels of curriculum for students: regular, honors, and AP.  She is excited to sponsor SNHS again and looks forward to working with all of the amazing members as they learn more about science outreach and careers in science.

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