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Sundance Science Fair

Victoria J Serna

Community Outreach

For my Community Outreach Project I went to the Sundance Elementary School science fair and helped judge and grade science projects made by students ranging from grades k-8. Seeing the different projects was very neat because some kids actually put a lot of thought and effort into their boards and experiments. My favorites to look at were the younger kids because they thought of really cool experiments and the ways that they decorated their boards were cute and creative. There were even some funny projects and it made the whole thing very memorable. I think that it was a very fun experience and I hope we get to do this again!


BESD District Science Fair

Jessica Hicks

BESD District Science Fair

I was able to go to the BES District Office to grade science fair projects that middle schoolers had done. It was interesting to see how well some of the projects had been done, and I was curious as to how some of the students had come up with their ideas. I was surprised by how strict the rubric was in some areas and was sad to deduct points on some projects which were otherwise well done in my opinion. Seeing all the projects made me think back to ones I had done in the past and how fun they were. Overall, I had a good time seeing all the district-level projects and grading them to determine the district winner.

Science Fair Fun

Tristen Dodder

For the Community outreach, I went to Sundance Elementary to grade science fair projects for the kids there.  There were some pretty good projects there a lot of them were a bit better than what i had at the time.  It was really cool seeing what kids at that age were doing, what they knew, and how they applied it to their projects.  It reminded me of all the school science fair projects that i had to do when i as younger and in elementary school.  It was honestly really hard to grade some of them because it’s really difficult to come from high school work, to elementary work, and try and lower the standard a bit so a lot of the kids don’t just get F’s, especially the like grade 1-3 because i didn’t really know where to draw the line on not taking points off becuaase they didn’t know better.

While at sundance grading projects while grading we ran into some really interesting projects that I was amazed that kids there age were doing.  There was one project in particular, it was a group project and it was a really nicely built diagram of a city, which was really accurately made with powerlines, and buildings it was honestly really nice and I thought it was the best thing there.  But funnily enough like always, with the good projects came the bad ones.  There weren’t too many terrible projects but one that really stood out was a board barely filled with any information, but a giant piece of 2×4 was glued to it we weren’t really able to figure out the purpose  but the author of the project knew something we didn’t about the wood.   There was also a pretty funny typo that said it took 34 seconds for an atv to stop when they hit the brakes, they probably meant 3.4 seconds, but it was still funny to imagine this atv just skidding along for half a minute after hitting the breaks.

Future Freshmen Night

Leslie Pastor

Community Outreach:

On Future Freshmen Night, I joined a few other SNHS members and our adviser, Ms. Doskocil, to showcase all the science classes that Youngker High School had to offer. The classes we showcased were anatomy, forensics, physics, wildlife management, biology and chemistry. For anatomy a pig was being dissected in front of the amazed eighth-graders and allowed them to see organisms through microscopes; in forensics, they were showed blood splatters and a murder case. For physics, two SNHS members had a little remote-control car drive across sheets of papers and moved them to show a rule of physics. Wildlife management showcased skulls and information of different kinds of animals. For (the best part) chemistry, which I showcased, I showed the shocked future freshmen an extremely reactive reaction between CH­­­3COOH and NaHCO3(or simply vinegar and baking soda, but they don’t need to know that). I really enjoyed seeing their faces and hearing them awe with wonder after hearing the loud popping noise.

Sundance Science Fair

Judith Beltran

6 May 2018

Community Outreach Summary

For my community outreach project, I went to Sundance Elementary School to grade Science Fair projects. All the projects were from k-8 students and varied in topic and quality. Two projects that I was particularly interested in was one that related surface area to distance, and the other was one that compared different fabrics and how they reacted to different substances. As I and my fellow SNHS members were grading all the fascinating projects, some students that had created the projects walked around with us. It was nice to see all of the young minds that had the ability to think up such intriguing works, and made me think of how that youth might contribute to science one day and maybe even have a seat in our SNHS club someday. Though I was inspired by many projects, there were some that were underwhelming, and received low scores. I hope that these students may improve in the future, because there is always a place in science for anyone that strives towards discovery, innovation, and even just fun. Overall, it was a great experience to see the different ideas from multiple age groups and it is definitely something I would like to partake in the future again.

West Park Science Fair

Kiara Rivas

Community Outreach

For my community outreach project, I graded science fair projects from West Park as well as Sundance Elementary School. I did this as a way of volunteering in my community on a scientific level. I personally had a fun experience being able to see all of the different projects that were conducted by the elementary students, especially by the younger grades such as the kindergarteners and first graders. I graded each project according to the creativity of the project and the level of work performed. Overall, it was my second year doing this and it gives a good insight of the material children in elementary schools are being taught.


Jocelyn Huerta


I had the chance to go to Envirothon and compete in environmental activities. There was a total of 4 stations; one of them was a wildlife station another was a soil station, there was an aquatic station, and a station where we had to measure a tree and figure out what that tree could be used for. My favorite station was the wildlife one because we had to identify animal skulls and furs. We also had to identify birds as if we were actually in the wild with binoculars. (the birds were just pictures) The location was also really nice, sometimes it’s hard to believe that forests exist in Arizona. Overall, I enjoyed going out to Prescott over the weekend and just learning about the environment.