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Burrowing Owl Workday

Tamira Howard

Audubon Clean-up: Burrowing Owl Workday (Community Outreach Project)

This was a first time experience of having to make burrows for owls, and I found it fun but difficult. It was a windy hot day in Maricopa, but the cool part was putting together the tubes where the owls would crawl into and be underground. After we were all done putting together and tying down the tubes, we had to cover up the entire things with sand, which was much harder because somehow all the same disappeared. There was a giant hole, and the sand from that hole blew away which left us with enough sand to barely cover up the hole. It was a great and fun experience and I would definitely do it again someday.


Burrowing Owl Homes

Mason Maltbie

For my community outreach project I participated in the Audubon Owl Burrow Project during the month of April, 2019. This outreach involved community service through hard labor to help create burrows for the burrowing owl population. I assisted in tasks such as, digging holes, setting up owl habitats, and covering up the burrows. I participated in this project with 2 other students and was glad to share a mutual time of giving and service with them. In the end our group completed our task quickly and went on to help complete a second burrow. I hope that out contribution will help maintain the wildlife populations in our area.

ASU Planetarium

Victoria Serna

As Vice President of SNHS, one of my favorite things to do was go on trips with our club. One of my favorites was the ASU planetarium field trip. During this time, we took a tour around ASU and also explored their space and astronomy section. The tour guides took us into a room that was like a movie theatre and gave us 3D glasses to watch their film. Essentially, it was about our solar system and the universe. The video honestly almost made me cry, because it really put things into perspective about how small we actually are and how beautiful science can be.

Science fair judge

Emily Beringhelli

Going to science fairs is one of my favorite parts of being in SNHS. We look through middle-school level science fair projects and score them on many aspects, such as creativity, accuracy, and other topics. Going through and looking through these projects is not only extremely interesting, sometimes, you learn something new. One of my favorite projects included rollercoasters, focusing more on the physics side of science. Pendulums were included, mentioning all different laws of gravity. I was extremely Impressed with the minds of the elementary schoolers, which is what makes grading science fair projects something I truly enjoy doing.

Science fair fun

Mark-Anthony Niro


For my community outreach, I went to West Park Elementary to help judge a middle school science fair. The event was not only fun, but helping with children has always been a favorite of mine. It’s always fun seeing the ideas children come up with, some are exciting, like “electric play dough,” and others are… interesting, like the one I saw that concluded green tea can crack your teeth. Hopefully my judging can help these children reflect on their projects and grow from them, or even possibly become professional scientists some day.

ASU field trip

Carlos Llanes Villegas

One trip that I valued was the field trip to Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus. What sparked my interest was the excellent engineering program they had at the campus. There were multiple experimental labs, such as the lab with florescent lights in which people were creating special chips. There was also a garage that held go-karts and rockets made from scratch. Additionally, I was told of certain projects being worked on the campus, like a certain device that could potentially calm testing nerves. Most of all, I was glad to hear that the school is known for its engineering program since I wanted to major in Computer Science; this grew my interest in applying to be a student at ASU. I hope a similar trip takes place in the future so people can be shown the fascinating studies taking place at local campuses. 

Planetarium at ASU

Fern Valenzuela Vazquez


I went to the Arizona State University planetarium. I had a lot of fun looking at a model of the mars rover, it surprised me how big it was because i thought it was the size of a dog but it was actually as big as me. I also enjoyed looking at the different rocks in the different landscapes they had set up in front of a lecture room. When we went into the lecture room, we were able to ask the guides questions about their majors and whether or not they thought it was truly difficult to understand the earth and space. My favorite part by far was the actual planetarium and being able to see how small the earth is in comparison to the universe. It was weird because i realized that we are so little and meaningless compared to the universe, but to us we’re huge and full of meaning. I had a fun time exploring the planetarium.