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Picking up Trash

Kiara Rivas

Science Project

The project I participated in was volunteering to pick up debris in the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Center with other members of Science National Honors Society. I helped the community by picking up many pieces of trash and cleaning up big portions of wreckage that was washed onto the dried up river. I chose to do this because I enjoy making a small difference in the world and helping to make it a better place. After completing my part, I felt very accomplished because I helped make a change that was significant to the community and worked together with a team to accomplish this task. I would definitely participate in a project like this one again.



Project website:


ASU Trip 2016

Anthony Khalifeh

For the community project I went on the trip to the Department of Human Evolution at ASU. There we spoke to students and faculty members about what they do in their daily lives and what they do in their department. We learned about their research and how innovations in other fields help them in theirs and how they have to work with other experts to get more accurate information and how that will help them in the future. I learned a lot about the process of why they became students in their respective fields and why they love what they do. We put skulls from ancestors/relatives of the Homo sapiens in order and used key factors to determine the order of them. Their job is important because it allows us to learn about our past and how we got to the point we are today.

Ferret Spotlighting

By Christian Garcia
Community Outreach Summary
I went on the Black footed ferret field trip which was an overnight trip near flagstaff. During this trip mygroup and I searched for a much endangered species and were tasked with capturing one from the wild.The purpose for this was to check their health and also to put a microchip so that scientists know wherethey are at. I joined the project because it seemed like a fun and interesting thing to do. This helped thecommunity because we are helping an endangered species come back from near extinction. Learningmore about science is important because it helps explain why things happen the way they do. I felt greatafter doing this project because it took several hours just to spot one and then catching it made theexperience even better.

Elementary Science

By Jasmin Aviles
Community Outreach Project
For my community outreach project (2015-2016 school year) I decided to go to the Sundance Elementary school science fair. Ourjob was to grade all the science fair projects the kids had made. I decided to do this because I wascurious to see all the different ideas the kids had to offer and how they would relate those ideas withscience. I feel like this helped the community in a way that the children are able to see the grades theygot and learn about the mistakes they made and how they can fix them to get a better result next time. Ithink it is important to always keep learning more about science because everything that surrounds us isinvolved with science and it’s amazing to be able to learn about how those things work and came to be.Now that I have completed my part, I feel happy that I was able to help those kids better understand theconcept of science.

Teaching Kids

Ms. Doskocil


11 December 2015

Community Outreach Project

Teaching Buckeye Elementary

Teaching the kids of Buckeye Elementary really opened my eye on a lot of things. From the teachings skills required to make sure students learn the subject topic, the information needed to back up any questions that may be asked, and a lot more on the topic that I was actually teaching. For the first class, I felt that everything was extremely scrambled and unorganized; mostly because it was our first class to teach, and there was not a set plan to teach those students. Not only that, I forgot that the students get to ask questions, and was not expecting anyone to ask us to elaborate on how the fire got put out by the carbon dioxide, or even where the carbon dioxide came from.

This experience taught me that there has to be an ignite for a fire to start, and this all taught me everything needed to make a fire, and what can be done to put out a fire. Not only did I learn from this experience, but I think the kids that we taught as a group learned much more than I did in that one day.

ASU Trip

Madyson Madrid

Mrs. Doskocil

Science NHS

November 30, 2015

Community Outreach Project

The community outreach project that I did was a trip to Arizona State Universities to see a presentation from their human origins program. We got to hear about how early humans are categorized and how we can learn what creatures in the past did and ate. The program that these women were in enabled them to get out there and travel the world while doing what they have come to love. I joined this project not just because I am interested in science as a whole but because I will be going to ASU in the fall! Their jobs enable us to find out where we came from and how that just happened to happen! Learning more about science is fundamental to our existence. If something were to happen to our world, knowing about the past, could possible save us. Doing this project could help students when trying to fine what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

Institute of Human Origins

Makayla Katzer

Community Outreach Summary:

ASU Institute of Human Origins Trip

Members of SNHS went on a field trip to the ASU institute of human origins. Two students explained to us what the purpose of the school was and what it’s like to study and work in their field. We learned the names of some hominids that existed millions of years ago and how they were discovered and what technology and methods are used. I joined the project because I’ve always been really interested in human origin and anthropology, I love to learn about what the world was like millions of years ago. I believe the project helped the community by teaching students what the study of human origin actually is and make them more educated. Learning things like this about science is important to understand where we come from so we can understand how to grow. After seeing the school and learning how broad the field is I’m very interested in doing more research on how I can be a part of it in the future and possibly putting a chemistry degree toward it. Overall it was a gratifying experience and I enjoyed it a lot.