Seasonal changes

By Marlene Sanchez
Citizen Science Project
What was the project?– The project was looking for environmental change through different images after seasons have passed.
What did you do to help?– I helped by looking at different pictures and identifying trees, plants, and vegetation. It also involvedlooking at image complied of pictures of the same landscape over the year to see if the camera shiftedat any point. I also searched for way that humans have deducted nature to a small amount.
Why did you chose this project?– It seemed the most interesting. I enjoy looking at nature, especially trees so it was perfect to look atpictures of trees and nature to see if I could identify anything.
How do you feel after completing your part?– I feel like I could have done more, it was incredibly fun but I wish I could’ve helped in many more ways.

Individual whales

Alexandra Peralta
SNHS- Citizen Science Project
March 16, 2016
The citizen-science project I chose to do was for, and my job was identifying individual Humpback Whales by describing the patterns on their tails, this is was helpful because in filing the patterns on the tails, I was able to help guide their computer algorithms match new whales to whales that have existed longer. This was an a beneficial task for the science community along with Zooniverse, because in identifying individual tails scientists can better understand their behavior, population trends, personalities, and their conservation issues. I learned the importance of individual whale tails and their significance to the science community by identifying these tails.

Serengeti Animals

Anthony Khalifeh
Citizen Science Project:
My project was spotting and describing the activities of animals throughout the Serengeti. You would look through pictures and see if animals were present and would take note of how many and what activity they were doing ex walking, eating, resting, & etc. I chose this project because I feel like there are not enough people helping the scientists that look at the migration and other patterns throughout Africa. I wanted to make it easier on them so they could do the data composition and show people the results of their data faster and more accurate. I feel really good about helping because I feel like I impacted the world in a positive way and that should make everyone happy.

Transcribing history

Thanh Hoang
March 24, 2016
Citizen Science Project
Science National Honors Society
The project that I had decided to do was AnnoTate, one of the many Zooniverse projects. In this project, I transcribed archived personal papers and documents in order to make reading such documents much easier for the scientists studying them. While browsing through the projects presented by Zooniverse, AnnoTate stood out among others, for it was a project that benefitted social and linguistic anthropology, a field of science that has not been much heard of in the current generation; anthropology is a science that I was not interested in until after I finished this project. After finishing the project, I felt all sorts of emotions from all of the different documents and papers, especially the sad ones, I had read and enjoyed it.

Planet Hunters

By Christian Garcia
Citizens Science Projects
The Project I did was called Planet Hunters and in this project I helped by finding planets by looking atthe dimming of a star. If the star is dimmer than others then there could be a planet in front of it. I chose this project because it had to do with space and I find space to be very interesting since everything is so far away. After doing my part I feel like I have helped the science community a bit with finding planetsthat could possibly serve as a new planet for human life to thrive on in the future. The website I used was http://www.planet

Landscape Watch

By Jasmin Aviles

Citizen Science Project

For my citizen science project I decided to do it on Landscape Watch. The goal is to identify the landscape change in New Hampshire over a period of 8 years. My job was toidentify the percent of change in buildings, vegetation, non-vegetation, water and tree canopy.I chose to do this project because I am interested in nature and how much it changes over theyears. Now that I have completed my part I feel good to know that I was able to learn moreabout where plants grow the best and how much they can be affected depending on theweather.

Ferret Spotlighting

By Christian Garcia
Community Outreach Summary
I went on the Black footed ferret field trip which was an overnight trip near flagstaff. During this trip mygroup and I searched for a much endangered species and were tasked with capturing one from the wild.The purpose for this was to check their health and also to put a microchip so that scientists know wherethey are at. I joined the project because it seemed like a fun and interesting thing to do. This helped thecommunity because we are helping an endangered species come back from near extinction. Learningmore about science is important because it helps explain why things happen the way they do. I felt greatafter doing this project because it took several hours just to spot one and then catching it made theexperience even better.