International Science and Engineering Fair

Today I took 8 students to the ISEF held at the Phoenix convention center. The fair showcases students from around the world who have competed in local, regional, and state science fairs and have won in their category. They now are competing for chances to win a total of $4 million in scholarships and prizes. Some of the projects are truly amazing. Students are using research techniques to solve problems such as dust allergies, milk allergies, and identifying breast cancer at earlier stages. It’s inspiring.

My students are here to observe, ask questions, and be inspired. They have part updated in some hands-on labs where they had to think about problems in a different way. The invasive species lab was partially good because it dealt with some local and global problems.

Students looked at how zebra and quagga mussels effect local ecosystems and have a global impact on both other species and human endeavors.

The ISEF is a great place to see how one person or a group of people can change the world by looking for solutions to problems they encounter. Hopefully some of that inspiration with transfer to my students and they will look at the problems facing the world in a different way.


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