Levi Wakeham

My name is Levi Wakeham and this year my officer position in SNHS is Treasurer. I have attended Youngker for the four years I have been in high school and plan on graduating in May. I carry a deep passion for learning and plan to make science my main area of focus when going to college and choosing my future career. Last year we went on numerous trips, my favorite being the trip to the Rio Salado Audubon Center where we planted milkweed for migrating butterflies. It was great being around friends, and knowing I was helping the environment at the same time, which is what I love about being part of SNHS.

This year I am very excited for whatever community outreach projects we plan to do, because for me they are definitely the most memorable moments I have of SNHS. Being an officer this year I have a much stronger voice in the activities we plan so I’m looking forward to taking every opportunity to get us more involved in the community, and hopefully inspire other students to develop a passion for science and join Youngker’s SNHS someday in the future.