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West Park Science Fair

Kiara Rivas

Community Outreach

For my community outreach project, I graded science fair projects from West Park as well as Sundance Elementary School. I did this as a way of volunteering in my community on a scientific level. I personally had a fun experience being able to see all of the different projects that were conducted by the elementary students, especially by the younger grades such as the kindergarteners and first graders. I graded each project according to the creativity of the project and the level of work performed. Overall, it was my second year doing this and it gives a good insight of the material children in elementary schools are being taught.


Westpark Science Activities

Jessica Hicks

Westpark Curriculum Night

I participated in the curriculum night held at Westpark Elementary to educate students about science with fun activities. Some of the other students ran a demonstration on burning different elements and showing the elementary school students how they burn in different colors. The station I helped in was about food coloring and shaving cream. We showed the students how shaving cream and food coloring don’t mix well, so you can swirl it into fun patterns and designs. Then, because paper absorbs the dye easily, laying a paper over it and then removing the cream results in a cool card that they could then use as a bookmark. The experience of teaching kids a little bit about science and having a fun activity was really cool. My favorite part was seeing kids’ reactions to seeing their paper for the first time. I participated in this curriculum night because it is always fun to teach younger kids and take part in a fun activity. I think this was an important event to be a part of because it’s a great way to get younger kids interested in learning about science in fun ways, and I had a good time.

West Park Curriculum Night

Maddie Harris

Elementary school Outreach Project

I attended the West Park Curriculum night. The whole thing seemed science themed. I was able to work with the shaving cream and food coloring stamping experiment. We sprayed come food coloring into a tray and added a few drops of food coloring. After that we swirled the coloring to make a design and carefully laid an index card into it. Then you scrape the excess away, the pattern of the food coloring is shown on the card, like a stamp. It was really cute to see the kids look confused at first and then see their face light up when we scraped the shaving cream away and they saw the colors on the page. It was also cool to go back to my elementary school as a high school senior and see how things have changed and talk to some of my old teachers.  I really enjoyed the experience.

Curriculum Night at Westpark

Westpark elementary school hosted curriculum night on November 2nd and invited the YHS chapter of Science NHS to attend.  Several students traveled to the elementary school to demonstrate fun science!

Science NHS had two stations that students and their families could visit.  The demonstrated how different elements burn different colors in a flame test.  Arianna and Levi burned copper ions, strontium ions, and barium ions to produce flames of green, bright red, and yellow.  They explained how the different colors let scientists identify elements and make fireworks!

The second station allowed students to be more hands-on.  Maddie, Tamira, David, Kiara, and Jessica allow set up shaving cream with small drops of food coloring in it.  Because shaving cream and food coloring don’t mix well, you can create some fun looking patterns.  Paper and food coloring mix really well, so those fun tie-dyed colors make some very cool looking cards!  The Science NHS members could explain that shaving cream has lots of nonpolar parts while food color and paper have more polar parts.  Since food coloring and paper are more similar, they mix better.  This fun bit of science makes for some super colorful creations!

WIN_20171114_07_12_28_Pro (2)

Thanks to Westpark Elementary school for letting us share our love of science.

Science Demos

Marlene Sanchez

Community Outreach Project

1. Describe the project.

* Some students, including myself, from SNHS went to West Park Elementary School during their science fair to demonstrate projects and little experiments that would interest them. Such as dipping wooden Popsicle sticks into different chemicals, then lighting the stick on fire creating different colored flames. Also we changed the color of a penny from copper to a goldish color. Then we challenged their brains with the Think Tube.

2. Why did you join that project?

* I joined because it seemed like a great way to interact with kids and I thought it would be fun to demonstrate experiments to them.

3. How did this help the community?

* We expanded kid’s knowledge on science by showing them what chemistry is like in high school. By doing this we made some students gain an interest in science that could potentially influence their career choice in the future to work in a science field.

4. Why is learning more about science important?

* Science is important because that’s how we find out the way things work. For example the Think Tube is challenging their minds to find out how the movements work,

5. How do you feel after completing your part?

* I feel good, it was really fun to work with the kids and see their reaction to the experiments. I hope they enjoyed our demonstrations and ended up having an interest in science.

Science is Magic

Ana Munoz

Community Outreach Summary

The project I took part in was the Science Night at Westpark Elementary. A group of volunteers and myself went and set up some visual examples of science experiments. I was there helping in the demonstrations and discussions.

I joined this project because I thought how cool it would be to pass on the word of science in a fun and unique way. I wanted to help be a part of the reason why kids would find that interesting.

It helped the community in the way that it allows children to view science in a completely different way. Not in just equations and big words you can’t pronounce; but fun and mysterious puzzles which need to solved. I hoped it opened their minds and gave them an urge to want to learn more.

In my opinion, science is definitely important because it allows us to see things in a different perspective and approach them with an open mind because you never know what to expect or what you might discover.

I feel like after the whole experience, the children received the message of how science and actually be cool and fun. They got to see first-hand how science is everywhere around us.

Teaching Science

Brooklyn Adams

For my community project this semester we went to West Park Elementary School to talk to the 8th graders about science and their upcoming high school classes.  We displayed two experiments, elephant toothpaste and cleaning pennies with acidic solutions.  I’m glad I did this project because I learned a lot myself from teaching the younger students.  It helped the community because weer were able to help the 8th graders become prepared for high school, along with show them some interesting science experiments.  Leaning about science is important for anyone because it’s always changing and there is always more to learn.  I enjoy learning about elephant toothpaste!  I feel good about this project and feel it was a success.  I would definitely be interested in doing another trip to teach these students about science.