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Tyler Adams – Public Relations Officer

I joined SNHS to show the younger class just how fun Science can be. When I was in elementary school, a student from high school came and talked about their science program. Ever since that day I’ve had a passion for science. Being in SNHS has not only increased my scientific involvement, but has helped me reach out and help others who want the same thing.


Kiara Rivas – President

My name is Kiara Rivas and I have been a part of Science National Honor Society for 2 years. Last year, I took great interest in this club after taking chemistry with Ms. Doskocil and finding out that I met the grade requirements necessary to become a member. I have always had a major interest in science and am hoping to become a registered nurse in the future, so I was very interested in being a part of a group in which other students had similar interests in this area! I am honored to say that this year I am president of the club and we have very fun activities planned. Being president, I am in charge of running meetings and making sure our members are getting involved in field trips, community outreach projects, and citizen science projects. I definitely enjoy this club because we get to go on many trips in which involve volunteering around the community and talking to other students about the importance of science. We also reach out to others who have a career in this field such as chemists and other scientists. Overall, this club is a great way to get involved in the scientific community and I have a lot of fun being a part of it!

Welcome back!

This year is looking to be another great year for Science NHS at Youngker High School.  I’m excited to see old members returning and excited to meet new members.

This year we will continue posting students’ summaries of their citizen science projects and their community outreach projects.  Students will also write a short summary of a scientific paper that we read as a group, so look out of those posts.

Ms. Doskocil

End of the Year

Last week, students at Youngker High School were inducted into the Science National Honor Society based on their science grades, their overall grades, and their participation in community outreach and citizen science.  In total, 30 students were inducted into the society.  Thanks for making it a great year and congratulations to all the seniors who will be graduating at the end of the week.  You’ve made this chapter a super fun and amazing place to be on campus.

We also welcomes our new members who will be joining out chapter next year.  Congratulations for doing well in your classes and meeting the requirements to become a member.  I looking forward to working with all you next year as we confirm your membership through continued hard work and success.

Lastly, we introduced next year’s officers to the club.  Congratulations to:
Madyson Madrid – President
Zach Blowers – Vice President
Sara Hawkins – Secretary
Jonathan Catrone – Treasurer
Madison Derho – Parliment

I look forward to another great year doing science and reaching out to the community to explain the importance of being scientifically literate.  There are a lot of fun and educational projects in the works for next year, including another trip to Disneyland to discover how their Imagineers use science to create the great attractions in the park.

Until then, have an amazing summer.

Ms. Doskocil

Arizona Envirothon Competition

This weekend was the annual Arizona Envirothon Competition held at the Hacienda Girl Scout Camp in Tucson, AZ.  Several members of SNHS competed against teams from other parts of the state in soil analysis, wildlife and forestry, aquatic ecology, and urban forestry.  The competition is part of the national competition, where winners are awarded scholarships and other prizes for having the most knowledge and the best plan that explains this years theme.

team 5

Team 5 Front: Amy (senior) and Alyssa (junior) Back: Zach (junior), Madyson (junior), Ms. Doskocil (coach), David (senior), Mrs. Irick (coach)

team 4

Team 4 Front: Ms Doskocil (Coach), Denise (Senior), Rogelia (Senior), Mrs. Irick (Coach) Back: Jack (Senior), Carl (Senior), Robert (Senior)

team 4 working

Team 4 hard at work at an ecostation

team 5 working

Team 5 testing soils during their ecostation test

Youngker SNHS chapter sent two teams to the competition this year.  Team 4 and 5 were comprised of members from SNHS as well as students taking our wildlife management class.  While they didn’t win this year, they did a great job in the competition and represented their school with pride.

The teams compete in different subjects under Environmental Science.  They have 3 “ecostations” where they answer questions related to water quality and the animal life that can be supported within ponds, lakes or rivers; pollutants and how they effect both terrestrial and aquatic systems; soil impacts on types of trees and how soil textures effect quality of plant life; and wildlife identification.  They also wrote and presented a presentation where each team had to design a plan to implement an urban forest in a fictional city.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the environment and how they can impact nature.  It also gives them a chance to interact with peers from around the state.

Good job to all the teams that competed, but especially teams 4 and 5!

Photos courtesy of AZ Envirothon Facebook Page

Chemistry at the Buckeye Elementary School

Denise Peay
Class of 2016
October 8th, 2014

For this project six science national honors society students went to the Buckeye Elementary school and performed the elephant toothpaste experiment.  For the elephant toothpaste we used three percent and 12 percent hydrogen peroxide.  We mixed each separately with warm water, dawn soap, and yeast.  We did another experiment involving pennies.  In this experiment we let the 7th graders participate.  We put orange juice, lemon juice, and vinegar in separate cups and added salt to each of them.  Then we would place a penny in each solution and see which solution made the penny cleaner.

This project is science because we’re teaching 7th graders who chemistry, which is a science, is involved in these experiments.  We also explained what was happening in each experiment with chemistry terms.  Once this project was done I felt more proud of my knowledge, because I was able to teach other people the concepts that I knew and the science that I learned through my life.  And giving younger people more knowledge made me smile at the end of the day, because I know I am helping spread education, if not through the world, then through Buckeye.  I helped some students become more interested in the science field.

Habitat Restoration

Featured image

SNHS students before going out into the field to pull invasive species and help the habitat. Bottom Row: Madison, Carl, Jack Top Row: Ms. Mary Cavano, Sophie, Derric, Ashley

Today SNHS helped at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration project sponsored by SCA. The project allowed volunteers to participate in riparian restoration by pulling invasive species such as buffalo grass. It was difficult work, but really fun to help save a unique Arizona habitat! Thanks to the students who participated.