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Galaxies Everywhere

Mackenzie Roland
October 31, 2016
Citizen Science Project
Science National Honors Society
Classifying Galaxies
The project that I chose was Classify Galaxies, through Galaxy Zoo. The project was to look at images of galaxies that are either newly discovered or scarcely researched and answer a series of questions to help classify them. I helped by classifying galaxies and providing information to a team of scientists so they could properly analyze the galaxy. Among the many citizen science projects presented, this one stood out because it gave an opportunity to look at and help classify images of galaxies that few get to see. Although I am not a huge space enthusiast, it presented an offer to explore space in a way the many don’t get to, and help along the way. At first, I was not very enthralled, since space sciences are widely explored, but as a begun to classify and discuss the galaxies with others, I found that it has a bigger impact than I expected. By the end of my time classifying galaxies, I felt that I had helped in the analysis and recording of galaxies that few get to see and was a contributing factor to the continuing expansion of space exploration.



Marlene Sanchez


The project I chose to do was classifying galaxies.

What I had to do was find out if the image was a galaxy, or if it had any features or if it was a smooth galaxy. I also had to determine whether or not something was wrong with it.

I chose this project because I’ve always had an interest in astronomy and thought it would be really fun to do something that involved that.

I feel as if there could be more to do. For example, maybe there were other object in space that needed to be identified. But, overall it was a pretty enjoyable experience.

Galaxy zoo

Marquee Fortenberry

Galaxy Zoo is the name of the game, helping scienctist update their data base on what the stars and planets are doing. Either merging or maybe the discs are rounded or boxy, it not only helped the scientist but it was a very educational experience. Seeing what all it could look like and if the discs were rounded then they can be so many other things else. I chose this project because I am very interested in space and science and what is out further then earth. I feel great about giving my part into this project, it was an exciting, educational learning experience that will follow me threw the years.


Galaxy Zoo

Thanh (Eric) Hoang
Science National Honors Society
Citizen Project
The project that I partook in is called Galaxy Zoo, an online survey regarding galaxies and stars that take the results and inputs them into the database for scientists. What I had done to“help” was by assisting in updating the database through the means of classifying multiplegalaxies on the website. The reason why I had chosen this project was because I am interested inastronomy and wanted to partake in a project involving it. After completing my part, I didn’t feel much; there were no results or proof of what I had done had been of any use for science studies. The classification of galaxies would continue on forever until we would become bored of doing so. In the end, this project was just simple, boring, and possibly helpful; it was my fault for not finding any more interesting projects.