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Gaming the Brain

Marlene Sanchez

It is a game like simulator where the user maps neurons in the retina. This served as a way for people to better understand their brain and what goes on in it. So all the user had to do was look at a brain scan and try to determine what was a neuron based on the scan. Once we did that we had to physically locate the neuron in the brain on the scanner. I chose this project because anything that involves the brain or mental issues interest me so much. I feel as though I know so much more about the human brain than I ever learned in anatomy and I feel as though I made a difference in some way. http://eyewire.org/explore


3-D Mapping the Brain

Madeliene Harris


My citizen science project was participating in the Eyewire 3-D mapping of the brain. To participate, I spent half an hour attempting to map neurons using the interactive software on the website. I would be given a cube in which I was to attempt to map the neuron from one side to another. I chose this project because the brain fascinates me. It seemed like a project that would be exciting, interesting, and beneficial to science. After participating, my brain felt really awake. I found myself recognizing patterns and trying different tactics to map out the neuron using the subtle clues in the images I was provided.