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Audubon Clean-up

David Griffin

On December 1, 2018, I did conservation work for Arizona Audubon at Black Canyon Heritage Park in Black Canyon City.  I first started by removing overpopulated plants near the walkways. Shears in hand, I removed around a dozen plants, to allow more room for the native plants to grow. After the shearing, I went on to remove dead cacti branches/arms from the water, which occupied a good amount of time. In the end, I did a lot of leave raking near the water areas. All in all, I had a good time volunteering my Saturday morning for conservation work, I got to see a beautiful park, and help to conserve it.


Arizona Science Center

Jessica Hicks

It was a lot of fun to go to the Arizona Science Center and learn about all the interesting things that were displayed there. I learned about things ranging from the human brain to magnetism to electricity to gravity. It was especially fun to see the display of the “dancing trees”: little balls of iron shavings that moved to the beat of a song via electromagnets. It was really exciting to learn new and interesting science information by seeing it and having a hands-on experience with it. I hope that Youngker SNHS continues to go to the Science Center and learn about all the fun things there are to see there.

Audubon Clean-up

Mason Maltbie

For my community outreach project I participated in the Audubon Clean-up during the month of November, 2018. This outreach involved community service through hard and menial labor to help clean up a butterfly and bird sanctuary. I assisted in tasks such as, removal of plastic growth rings from matured trees, removal of reeds from a water channel, and pulling an invasive species of weed. I participated in this project with 3 other students and was glad to share a mutual time of giving and service with them. I found the work to be rewarding and the locale to be relaxing. In the end in aggregate the service group completed far more work than expected and the site was left far better than we found it. I enjoyed this experience and would love to do similar activities in the future.

Audubon Clean-up

Mark-Anthony Niro

The Audubon Clean-up was a great experience. Cleaning up the center for butterflies and birds is a great thing, and honestly helping anything wildlife related is great. I helped to get rid of some overpopulating trees. Along with that, I had helped to clip branches and flowers for anything that seemed to have overgrown.

Westpark Curriculum Night

Laurel Morgan

For my community outreach event I went to Westpark Elementary to help with their science night. We had two activities that the kids could stop by and do. The one I helped out with was dying shaving cream and then putting an index card on the shaving cream. The dye would dye the card and make a very interesting design. Though it was a simple activity, the kids loved it, and enjoyed seeing using science to make their own colorful designs. This was a very rewarding experience getting to see the kids there get interested and learn more about science. Hopefully seeing us there would encourage them to get involved in the science program at Youngker when they get to high school.

West Park Elementary School Curriculum Night

Levi Wakeham

Volunteering at the West Park Elementary Curriculum Night was a lot of fun. SNHS was in charge of the science portion of the event, where we had two demonstrations set up. One involved coloring an index card with food coloring and shaving cream, and the other involved chemicals that, when burned, would turn different colors. I enjoyed explaining to the kids why the flame wasn’t just the normal orange we’d expect, and seeing how fascinated they were that a flame could turn green and purple. Even some of the parents seemed genuinely interested in the demonstration. All in all, I feel we definitely sparked some interest in science in the younger students, which was the goal we set out to accomplish.

ASU Field Trip

Dianne Mungula-Trujillo

For my community outreach I attended a trip to ASU. We went to their science department and learned about the types of majors they have in science to offer. I learned that they are involved in some major projects with NASA. They have many models in 3D that show us sizes of the rovers at Mars and on the moon. They showed us satellite sizes and how it looks from above. They showed us meteor that have hit the Earth and the craters they left. There was one that could’ve taken our whole capital because of how big of an impact it made on Earth’s surface. We also entered their planetarium and we learned about our universe. While learning that I learned how small we are compared to what’s out there. We pretty much are a spec in the universe and we learned about how in our solar system our sun is one of the smallest suns out there. And that other solar systems are even bigger than ours and are in bigger galaxies. There is one sun names beetle juice and it is huge in comparison to our sun. After the planetarium we ate and went back to YHS.