Future Freshmen Night

Leslie Pastor

Community Outreach:

On Future Freshmen Night, I joined a few other SNHS members and our adviser, Ms. Doskocil, to showcase all the science classes that Youngker High School had to offer. The classes we showcased were anatomy, forensics, physics, wildlife management, biology and chemistry. For anatomy a pig was being dissected in front of the amazed eighth-graders and allowed them to see organisms through microscopes; in forensics, they were showed blood splatters and a murder case. For physics, two SNHS members had a little remote-control car drive across sheets of papers and moved them to show a rule of physics. Wildlife management showcased skulls and information of different kinds of animals. For (the best part) chemistry, which I showcased, I showed the shocked future freshmen an extremely reactive reaction between CH­­­3COOH and NaHCO3(or simply vinegar and baking soda, but they don’t need to know that). I really enjoyed seeing their faces and hearing them awe with wonder after hearing the loud popping noise.


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