Sundance Science Fair

Judith Beltran

6 May 2018

Community Outreach Summary

For my community outreach project, I went to Sundance Elementary School to grade Science Fair projects. All the projects were from k-8 students and varied in topic and quality. Two projects that I was particularly interested in was one that related surface area to distance, and the other was one that compared different fabrics and how they reacted to different substances. As I and my fellow SNHS members were grading all the fascinating projects, some students that had created the projects walked around with us. It was nice to see all of the young minds that had the ability to think up such intriguing works, and made me think of how that youth might contribute to science one day and maybe even have a seat in our SNHS club someday. Though I was inspired by many projects, there were some that were underwhelming, and received low scores. I hope that these students may improve in the future, because there is always a place in science for anyone that strives towards discovery, innovation, and even just fun. Overall, it was a great experience to see the different ideas from multiple age groups and it is definitely something I would like to partake in the future again.


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