Curriculum Night at Westpark

Westpark elementary school hosted curriculum night on November 2nd and invited the YHS chapter of Science NHS to attend.  Several students traveled to the elementary school to demonstrate fun science!

Science NHS had two stations that students and their families could visit.  The demonstrated how different elements burn different colors in a flame test.  Arianna and Levi burned copper ions, strontium ions, and barium ions to produce flames of green, bright red, and yellow.  They explained how the different colors let scientists identify elements and make fireworks!

The second station allowed students to be more hands-on.  Maddie, Tamira, David, Kiara, and Jessica allow set up shaving cream with small drops of food coloring in it.  Because shaving cream and food coloring don’t mix well, you can create some fun looking patterns.  Paper and food coloring mix really well, so those fun tie-dyed colors make some very cool looking cards!  The Science NHS members could explain that shaving cream has lots of nonpolar parts while food color and paper have more polar parts.  Since food coloring and paper are more similar, they mix better.  This fun bit of science makes for some super colorful creations!

WIN_20171114_07_12_28_Pro (2)

Thanks to Westpark Elementary school for letting us share our love of science.


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