Elementary Science

By Jasmin Aviles
Community Outreach Project
For my community outreach project (2015-2016 school year) I decided to go to the Sundance Elementary school science fair. Ourjob was to grade all the science fair projects the kids had made. I decided to do this because I wascurious to see all the different ideas the kids had to offer and how they would relate those ideas withscience. I feel like this helped the community in a way that the children are able to see the grades theygot and learn about the mistakes they made and how they can fix them to get a better result next time. Ithink it is important to always keep learning more about science because everything that surrounds us isinvolved with science and it’s amazing to be able to learn about how those things work and came to be.Now that I have completed my part, I feel happy that I was able to help those kids better understand theconcept of science.

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