Institute of Human Origins

Makayla Katzer

Community Outreach Summary:

ASU Institute of Human Origins Trip

Members of SNHS went on a field trip to the ASU institute of human origins. Two students explained to us what the purpose of the school was and what it’s like to study and work in their field. We learned the names of some hominids that existed millions of years ago and how they were discovered and what technology and methods are used. I joined the project because I’ve always been really interested in human origin and anthropology, I love to learn about what the world was like millions of years ago. I believe the project helped the community by teaching students what the study of human origin actually is and make them more educated. Learning things like this about science is important to understand where we come from so we can understand how to grow. After seeing the school and learning how broad the field is I’m very interested in doing more research on how I can be a part of it in the future and possibly putting a chemistry degree toward it. Overall it was a gratifying experience and I enjoyed it a lot.


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