Chicago Wildlife

Derric Nguyen

Ms. Doskocil


11 December 2015

Citizen Science Project

Chicago Wildlife Watch After going through, I learned the different types of animals that live in Chicago. Not only did I learn the types of animals inhabited in Chicago, but the type of foot prints they leave, the size of the foot prints, the space in between, and the seasons these animals usually walk around in. I learned that usually animals are tracked when snow falls, and the foot prints are clearly visible. There were animals that I did not expect to have such large paw/foot prints; these animals are usually really small, but their foot prints were not proportioned with their body size.

This project has revealed to me the types of animals in Chicago, and before going through Chico Wildlife Watch, I learned that there is more to the City of Wind other than the skyscrapers and the powerful winds gusting through the city. This website educated me on the color of the animals, their prints as they tread through snow, the length between each print, and their usual habitats within Chicago.


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