ASU Field Trip

Priscilla Hidrogo SNHS Community Project

Arizona State University

The community outreach project that I participated in was a field trip to Arizona State University-Tempe. During this field trip I got to meet two scientists who taught myself and the rest of SNHS about fossils. The two graduate students showed us different skulls and showed us how to tell each skull apart. The scientists also taught us how to identify human body apart from the body of a primate because of the difference in bone structures. This fieldtrip was very interesting and was an experience that I excitedly went home to tell my family about. I joined this project to further my education about ASU’s science department. This project helps the community in that it passes on knowledge that is easily understood and can be taught to others who didn’t get the chance to experience this field trip. Learning about science is important because it is always going to have an impact on the world around us. My favorite part of this community outreach project was holding and examining the fossils. Through this experience I have gained more knowledge about early humans. I’d recommend this trip to whoever is interested in human origins, as it is very informative while still exciting.


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