Wildebeest Watcher

Brooklyn Adams


Citizen Science Project

Wildebeest Watcher

During this project I looked through of series of moving images that were time lapses of wildebeest. I had to play the image and then record where it was moving. (Left, right, left towards camera, right towards camera, etc.) I also marked whether it was alone, with one other, and or with a group of others.

I choose this projects because it looked like an interesting way to observe these animals in the wild. The images were moving clips taken in still shots so they were kind of blurry but the direction that the wildebeest were moving was clear. It was also interesting to observe their different behaviors depending on how many wildebeests were in the group.

I’m glad I got to contribute to marking the direction of the wildebeest movements. I felt it was impactful because it shows the different ways that wildebeest travel during the different seasons. It was cool to see the different packs and ways of travel that they choose depending on the different circumstances effecting their lives.


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