Science Demos

Marlene Sanchez

Community Outreach Project

1. Describe the project.

* Some students, including myself, from SNHS went to West Park Elementary School during their science fair to demonstrate projects and little experiments that would interest them. Such as dipping wooden Popsicle sticks into different chemicals, then lighting the stick on fire creating different colored flames. Also we changed the color of a penny from copper to a goldish color. Then we challenged their brains with the Think Tube.

2. Why did you join that project?

* I joined because it seemed like a great way to interact with kids and I thought it would be fun to demonstrate experiments to them.

3. How did this help the community?

* We expanded kid’s knowledge on science by showing them what chemistry is like in high school. By doing this we made some students gain an interest in science that could potentially influence their career choice in the future to work in a science field.

4. Why is learning more about science important?

* Science is important because that’s how we find out the way things work. For example the Think Tube is challenging their minds to find out how the movements work,

5. How do you feel after completing your part?

* I feel good, it was really fun to work with the kids and see their reaction to the experiments. I hope they enjoyed our demonstrations and ended up having an interest in science.


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