Science is Magic

Ana Munoz

Community Outreach Summary

The project I took part in was the Science Night at Westpark Elementary. A group of volunteers and myself went and set up some visual examples of science experiments. I was there helping in the demonstrations and discussions.

I joined this project because I thought how cool it would be to pass on the word of science in a fun and unique way. I wanted to help be a part of the reason why kids would find that interesting.

It helped the community in the way that it allows children to view science in a completely different way. Not in just equations and big words you can’t pronounce; but fun and mysterious puzzles which need to solved. I hoped it opened their minds and gave them an urge to want to learn more.

In my opinion, science is definitely important because it allows us to see things in a different perspective and approach them with an open mind because you never know what to expect or what you might discover.

I feel like after the whole experience, the children received the message of how science and actually be cool and fun. They got to see first-hand how science is everywhere around us.


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