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Five Personality Tests

Citizen Science Project

My project was, “The Big Five Personality Test.” I had to take a psychology test to find more out about my personality. This test measured what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of our personality. It is mentioned that these results are being used for scientific research, and to give accurate and meaningful answers.

I chose this project because I thought it would be valuable information for those who needed it. Especially since it is being used for research purposes. I feel that after completing my part, it did this field of science good because e the more evidence to back their claim, the more respectable and accurate.

I myself received my results about my big five personality traits.



Future Freshman Night

Zach Rawlings

For this community project, some classmates and myself participated in a future freshman night. For this night, I demonstrated some of the activities and labs that are conducted in our science classes. I also answered a few questions the future freshman and their parents had. I thought that by joining this project I would be able to help interest some future students in the science classes that I have taken. I could see a few of the students who had passed through our demonstration, had really been intrigued by the labs we preformed, and looked very excited to do them themselves. Science is everything we do, and it has a major impact on our lives whether we know it or not. It is important to learn about how science can influence so much and how we could use science to benefit others. I felt great after completing this project. Seeing some of the students reactions was priceless.

Whales and Dolphins

Zach Rawlings

In this project I identified whales and dolphins at sea in pictures. Some pictures were obviously of a whale and some were of nothing but seagulls. I went through many pictures doing the same job of identifying whales and dolphins and I know there are many more. I chose this project because the ocean has always interested me, but the most fascinating aspect of the ocean is its creatures. Observing and classifying these animals was a great way to see them in there natural habitat. Completing this project made me feel like I truly helped in the study of these animals. Even though there are definitely many more pictures to study, the many that I looked at is a for sure help to the overall project.

Science is Magic

Ana Munoz

Community Outreach Summary

The project I took part in was the Science Night at Westpark Elementary. A group of volunteers and myself went and set up some visual examples of science experiments. I was there helping in the demonstrations and discussions.

I joined this project because I thought how cool it would be to pass on the word of science in a fun and unique way. I wanted to help be a part of the reason why kids would find that interesting.

It helped the community in the way that it allows children to view science in a completely different way. Not in just equations and big words you can’t pronounce; but fun and mysterious puzzles which need to solved. I hoped it opened their minds and gave them an urge to want to learn more.

In my opinion, science is definitely important because it allows us to see things in a different perspective and approach them with an open mind because you never know what to expect or what you might discover.

I feel like after the whole experience, the children received the message of how science and actually be cool and fun. They got to see first-hand how science is everywhere around us.

Seafloor Explorer

Tatum Witt

Science National Honors Society

Citizen Science Project

I did the Seafloor Explorer, I helped by identifying the different creatures and what the floor was covered in. I got to learn what different creatures look like on the seafloor and I learned how to identify the difference between dead and alive scallops. I got to see different types of seafloors. I did this project to understand how to identify creatures on the seafloor and see what fish in the ocean live on the floor. I feel like I know more about the ocean and what lives on the seafloor. I could teach someone about the creatures on the seafloor.


ASU Engineering

Brooklyn Adams


Community Outreach Project

For my community outreach project I attended the ASU field trip for engineering. Here we sat in on a miniature lecture with a group of individuals who are all majoring in some sort of engineering. After learning about their different focal points of engineering they took us on a tour of the campus which housed the engineering department and classrooms.

I joined the project because I thought it would be interesting to actually see what kind of work people in this field actually do. I like learning how hands on it was and how many opportunities an engineering major can offer you. I was surprised by how broad the subject actually is and how it can be applied to just about every in the World. This project helped the community by bettering the students at YHS with the knowledge of this field and how it is a relevant choice of study.

Learning more about this specific major is important because it is one of those fields that is always evolving. There is always new stuff the needs to be built or discovered. Although it is not my main area of interest I’m glad that I went and was able to experience this project, even if it was more informational. Engineering opened my eyes to a new field of study and definitely peaked my interest.

Wildebeest Movement

Anthony Khalifeh

I did a project on I helped track the movement of wildebeest in Africa with the use of cameras. I did over 20 different groups of pictures where I would have to see where the wildebeest were going. I had to point out the number, and which direction the wildebeest was headed. I had to individually choose which ones were moving in certain directions. I chose this project because I believed it could help out the people who are studying the migration patterns of the wildebeests in Africa. I felt good because I feel like I really helped somebody and made a difference in the research.