Floating Forests

Priscilla Hidrogo

Floating Forests is a citizen science project that shows images of land and the purpose is to identify the areas of kelp. Some of the images were of the ocean, which allowed for many areas to be marked and identified as kelp, but others were all land. To mark a picture, you draw with your mouse around the area you believe has kelp. The images with all land must be left blank, as there are no signs of kelp there. I helped to identify areas of the world that had floating forests in them. I chose this project because I enjoy the ocean and it amazes me how much of the ocean is still undiscovered, so identifying things in the ocean was interesting to me. After completing my part I feel that although my contribution was small, I still was able to contribute to identifying parts of the world and make a difference. http://www.floatingforests.org/?_ga=1.5049523.1488991112.1449902479#/classify


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