Interview with a Molecular Geneticist

Madison Derho

Interview with a Molecular Geneticist

For my community science project I did the Google hangout with Megan, a Molecular Geneticist. It was really interesting to hear someone talk about what they are so passionate about. I would have never heard a lot of the things she discussed otherwise. She talked about college in general, saying things like it’s okay to have debt, but she was also science specific. She said “science is a long, tough road”. She talked about her proudest moment or milestone, which was publishing a paper for her doctorate. She worked on sickle cell disease, where she would ‘fix’ typos in DNA. She said applying what she is doing in the lab and seeing the benefits is the best part of being a scientist and her goal is to bring something to a clinic. She discussed how long it took her to get where she is, four years of undergrad and five years for her doctorate. She was very interesting and easy to listen to. I really enjoyed the interview and hope she is doing well.


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