ASU Field Trip

Jasmin Aviles


Community Outreach Project

We took a field trip to ASU, where students majoring in Anthropology, talked to us about the things they do and study. Anthropology is the study of the development of early human species. They mentioned Lucy, the first species of Australopithecus afarensis. She is the closest to our human species now. They also told us about how their job involves being outdoors very often looking for more clues on human bones. I decided to join this project because I wanted to learn more about how we came to be and why we look the way we look and do the things we do. I feel as if this project helped the community in a way that the students in SNHS got a chance to expand their knowledge on the topic of evolution. Not only is learning more about science fun but it is also very important because we are able to learn new things we didn’t know before and there’s always something new to learn. Now that I have learned more about our closest relatives in species, I will now be able to go around and teach other people about the things I know .


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