Fossil Finder

Citizen Science Project : Fossil Finder
For my first citizen science project, I visited in search of interesting studies, as a kid, fossils and archeology always interested me so naturally I went with the “Fossil Finder” project on the website. While there, I was given ten separate pictures of digging sites and using my pointer, identified/ classified them. The questions/ tasks were to tell if the picture presented was ok to study, too blurry, too dark, etc. How much of the ground was covered 0-20%, 20-60%, or 60-100%. Afterwards they present you with a quick guide on classifying rocks and objects that may be seen, where you then point, click and identify. There’s also a little window available to tell you how many other people are working on the same picture, here you can initiate a chat. The purpose of this project is for me, and many others, to help identify possible excavation sites for diggers to explore, and give a good estimation on the things that will be seen while there. I feel my contributions along with everyone else’s will be useful for a multitude of analytical work that takes place on these sites, my site in particular was Lake Turkana, Kenya.

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