Season Spotter

Jasmin Aviles
December 11, 2015
Citizen Science Project
I did my project on “Season Spotter”, which is based on having to identify the climate change in several photos to see how it affects the plants. My part in this project was to observe photos with different outdoor conditions and pick out small details about the changes I see, whether it be how the climate is or how the leaves look. That helped with finding out the effect the weather had on the outdoor plants. I chose this project because I was very interested in finding out what types of climates are good and bad for the plants we see outside. Now that I have completed my part I feel like I can go outside and identify why a plant looks the way it
looks based on the type of weather we have had and I am also able to share my knowledge with others. I am now able to expand the knowledge of others with the things I have learned.
Season Spotter Image Marking

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