Interstellar Dust

Alexandra Peralta
Ms. Doskacil
29 November 2015
Citizen Science Project:
The citizen project I chose to participate in was Stardust @ Home’s interstellar dust project. These dust particles were returned to Earth from a Stardust mission, and the scientists and lab technicians needed help identifying the tiny dust particles using two methods. First, I
decided on which collection I wanted to work on, aerogel or foils; I chose foils. Then, I took a lesson on how to identify the foils, and a test was administered to prove my knowledge concerning the foils. Later, I was given 23 movies, actual magnified interstellar dust particles, to identify as containing foils or containing no craters. My observations were sent to a database where they would be compared to other volunteer’s observations over the same slides. I chose this project, because it was the one that made me feel most involved, and helpful towards the progress of the identification of these interstellar dust particles. After completing my part, I feel satisfied in knowing I’ve contributed towards the scientific community in a way along with learning about these interstellar dust particles.
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