Gaining Knowledge

Alexandra Peralta
Ms. Doskacil
17 November 2015
Community Outreach Project: ASU Trip-Human Origins
The community project I chose to participate in was the ASU trip to visit the Human Origins department, so I could better understand our ancestor’s origins and the theories of how humans have evolved from other subspecies. During the time of our visit I was able to learn from
two current students in the program who gave their personal experiences of their time with the chosen field of study, and they put some common myths to rest. This project is important to the community, because it’s important that people understand their origins and how they came to be,
along with gaining knowledge on how our ancestors survived and evolved to who we are today.  Science is essential to our future, and its important people get past the misconception that science solely deals with test tubes and chemicals. Science allows humanity to progress, and the more people familiarize themselves with science the more progress we may provide leeway for. Now that I have learned more about human origins I can talk to others about my new found knowledge concerning the subject, in addition to helping others whom believed in some of the common misconceptions I did.

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