Not What I Expected

Thanh (Eric) Hoang
Science National Honors Society
Community Outreach
The Vision to Your Future event is hosted at the University of Arizona every year. The event is an open house, for high school juniors and seniors, at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and the School of Plant Sciences. The event was to help the community by introducing molecular/cellular biology and plant sciences to high school students through communication, possibly leading to a major in the subject, and after majoring: possibly a person that can revolutionize the community with research and innovations. The reason why I attended this event (or project) was because I believed it was to be about astrology and physics, the studies that the University of Arizona is well known for, and the studies I would like to major in.  Although the event was not what I expected it to be, it was intriguing and opened a new window for me. Science is important, with proof throughout history, for it helps humankind progress,and, possibly sometime in the future, betters the Earth for all living things.

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