Expand my Parameters of Interest

Community Outreach Project- ASU Human Origins Trip
Daimion Butler
For my first community project, I along with fellow SNHS students took a trip to ASU to learn about opportunities in the field of Human Origins and Paleontology (The study of things once alive and now deceased). There, we were given information pertaining to the field of study, a brief explanation of the jobs offered and some historical background in the area. 
I joined to expand my parameters of interest pertaining to studies of science in college. This specific field helps the study of where we as a species come from, our ancestors, we know based off of ‘Lucy’, were around 3 to 4 feet in height, and resembled chimpanzees. That of which differs from human DNA by about 2%. Knowing things such as this will help us to better understand where our species will stand in the distant future and help us to predict changes and adaptations that may occur along the way.
I enjoyed this informational trip, and plan to take another. The two instructors were very informative and well-spoken.

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