Peaking Interests

Brooklyn Adams
Community Outreach Project
For my community outreach project I attended the ASU field trip for anthropology. Here we sat in on a miniature lecture with these two ladies who both have substantial careers in anthropology. After learning about their careers they lead us to their library which contained the oldest human decent“Lucy”. We also got to explore more of the lab which contained many off the bones that they personallystudy.
I joined the project because I thought it would be interesting to actually see what kind of work people in this field actually do. I like learning how hands on it was and that it was very outside based rather than stuck inside all day. This project helped the community by bettering the students at YHS with the knowledge of this field and how it is a relevant choice of study.
Learning more about this specific science is important because it is one of those fields that is always evolving. There is always new stuff to dig up and discover. Learning about where we have come from or learning more about our past species is really a fascinating subject that always has new leads.  I’m glad that I went and was able to experience this project, even if it was more informational.  Anthropology opened my eyes to a new field of study and definitely peaked my interest.

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