Ana Munoz
Community Outreach Project Summary
To describe the project, I was lucky enough to be in the presence and interview of a Dr. in molecular genetics/biology. The whole point of the project was to reach out to a person or thing of interest involved in the scientific field; and to ask questions regarding her field or anything in involved thereof.
I decided to joint this particular project because of the reason that I myself would like to pursue a career in the science field. It was an extraordinary experience to learn first-hand what it was like forsomeone to actually achieve her goal and if possible learn from all she achieved that would prepare mefor my road ahead.
I believed it helped the community by providing people with answers to how certain genetic diseases’ occur and how they go about finding different methods to providing solutions. In another way,just by her reaching out to us to share her experience was an impact in itself. Especially for myself.
I believe learning more about science is important because it provides an outlook to how certain things function and what makes them function. It provides unexplained answers to unsolvablequestions.
After completing my part I feel that I learned tremendously and find myself even more curiousand determined to continue with my passion. Science.

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