Scientist Interview

Community outreach

Anabel Blount

This project was about learning more science, from an incredibly smart scientist, also asking question related to the scientist and science. I joined this project because I thought it would be interesting to see and learn what the life of a real working scientist would be like, and I feel after talking to her and listening to her life experiences that I defiantly want to go to college and peruse a major in science, but like her I don’t quite know what exact major in science I want yet. I believe that it helped everybody who was there for the interview to figure out more about the scientific world, which interne could go on to affect the community, so that more people will peruse science. I believe learning about science is important after the interview because I now know science has more of an impact on our lives than I did previously. My part of the interview was to ask questions, and my favorite one that I asked was if she knew what she wanted to do when she was in high school, and her answer was, no but she knew that she wanted to peruse science.


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