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Elementary Experiments

Zach Rawlings

In October other SNHS members and myself, went to Buckeye Elementary to perform experiments for the 8th grade science students. As a group we demonstrated on experiment and then helped the students conduct on of their own, and then recorded their data. I decided to join this project because I have always been interested in what it would be like to be the teacher. Ever since I started thinking about careers, teaching has always been on my mind, so I thought it would be a great idea to take the opportunity to experience it. After watching the students conduct their experiment, I saw improvement in their interest for science. In today’s world, an interest in science is more important than ever and I enjoyed being able to share my love for science with younger students who can continue on with that passion to create amazing things.



Ana Munoz
Community Outreach Project Summary
To describe the project, I was lucky enough to be in the presence and interview of a Dr. in molecular genetics/biology. The whole point of the project was to reach out to a person or thing of interest involved in the scientific field; and to ask questions regarding her field or anything in involved thereof.
I decided to joint this particular project because of the reason that I myself would like to pursue a career in the science field. It was an extraordinary experience to learn first-hand what it was like forsomeone to actually achieve her goal and if possible learn from all she achieved that would prepare mefor my road ahead.
I believed it helped the community by providing people with answers to how certain genetic diseases’ occur and how they go about finding different methods to providing solutions. In another way,just by her reaching out to us to share her experience was an impact in itself. Especially for myself.
I believe learning more about science is important because it provides an outlook to how certain things function and what makes them function. It provides unexplained answers to unsolvablequestions.
After completing my part I feel that I learned tremendously and find myself even more curiousand determined to continue with my passion. Science.

A Whale of a Tail

The project I did was on  I identified whale tails in 20 pictures pictures . Each picture had a whale’s tail and I had to say what color it was, how much of the tail is showing , point out where the middle of the tail is and where the tips of the tail are . I joined the project because I really like ocean creatures and whales fascinate me because they are the biggest mammals.  It helped the website organize the pictures and identify which could be used for other experiments or statistical use.  Learning more about science is important because we want to keep going forward in technology and discover new things that will help the world.  I feel like I contributed to the community by helping with this project.

Scientist Interview

Community outreach

Anabel Blount

This project was about learning more science, from an incredibly smart scientist, also asking question related to the scientist and science. I joined this project because I thought it would be interesting to see and learn what the life of a real working scientist would be like, and I feel after talking to her and listening to her life experiences that I defiantly want to go to college and peruse a major in science, but like her I don’t quite know what exact major in science I want yet. I believe that it helped everybody who was there for the interview to figure out more about the scientific world, which interne could go on to affect the community, so that more people will peruse science. I believe learning about science is important after the interview because I now know science has more of an impact on our lives than I did previously. My part of the interview was to ask questions, and my favorite one that I asked was if she knew what she wanted to do when she was in high school, and her answer was, no but she knew that she wanted to peruse science.

Season Spotter Image Marking

Brooklyn Adams
Citizens Science Project
During this project I looked at numerous amounts of outdoor landscape images. In each of these images I marked the things I saw such as; what they weather was like, tree leaves, animals, people, flowers, or other things that seemed odd about the picture.
I choose this project because I thought it would be cool to look at the changes that occur whenthe season change. It was interesting to see how little things like birds and bugs can show the start of anew season. I also thought a lot of the sceneries were beautiful to look at!
I’m glad I was able to contribute to marking the images. The task, although simple, made an impact for those who study season changes. It was cool to see all the different aspects that go into the signs of a new season beginning.

Scientist Interview

Ruben Gonzalez

The project was to talk to Mrs. Doskocil’s friend who has a Ph.D in molecular genetics, we asked her questions about her job and life experiences, she gave us feedback on her personal thoughts on college and the molecular genetics field .each student asked a minimum of two questions, mine where: what is something you have worked on, and what is your biggest career goal .she said that she has been working on a disease called sical cell disease that effect the red blood cells that transfer oxygen through the body .Her biggest career goal is being able to apply her work to other diseases like cancer and HIV.i chose this project to see if I might be interested in this or a similar career ,I think I would like to do something related to molecular genetics post high school.