Vision To Your Future

Every year, the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the School of Plant Sciences host an event open to high school juniors and seniors.  The Vision To Your Future event showcases all that the two departments have to offer.  This year, 7 Science NHS members traveled down to Tucson to listen to professors and students talk about their programs.

Zach and Edwin listening to an undergraduate student talking about her research

Zach Blowers, Edwin Vasquez, Sophia Thomas, Marlene Sanchez, Anthony Khalifeh, Anabel Blount, and Eric Hoang took the long bus ride from YHS campus to U of A campus to speak with undergraduate and graduate students about their experiences and research in the MCB and School of Plant Sciences.  Many undergraduate students at the university are able to participate in labs and active research in order to better prepare for their careers after college.  The SNHS students were able to ask them questions and learn a lot from them while at the event.

Marlene and Eric aggregating DNA from their cheeks.

The MCB and School of Plant Sciences also had several hands on activities for students to participate in.  The School of Plant Science gave away free desert for students to grow in their own backyard.  The MCB gave students a chance to aggregate DNA from their cheeks.  The students got to keep their DNA in small vials that they could wear.

The event is always a great opportunity for high school students to think about college and the college experience.  They get a chance to talk to college students who are not that much older than them yet participating in real, active research.  They also have a chance to speak to professors and advisers about how they should prepare for the next chapter in their life.  It’s always a great time and I look forward to bringing a new group of students next year.


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