Galaxy Classification

Citizen science project
Anabel Blount
This project was by galaxy zoo and it has you classifying galaxy shapes by either smooth, features, and disks or if it is a star or an artifact and within those classifications come more in depth features that help identify what exactly it is. In this project I classified the shapes of galaxies by choosing the shape thatmost fit the object and after classifying it I had the option to discuss the said object with others on thesite. I chose this project because I enjoy astronomy and this particular project looked fascinating. Ibelieve learning about science is important because of how it can affect our everyday lives, from gettingthe latest phone, to figuring out ways to get clean water, science is all around us. After completing mypart in this project I feel like I am more knowledgeable then when I started because this website taughtme how to classify certain galaxies and also helped me understand the differences between them.

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