Ignore That!

Amy Marroquin
Ms. Doskocil
Citizen Science Paper: Ignore That!

My project was Ignore That! as part of the Games with Words project. The project consisted of two tests in which I had to ignore certain information in order to answer problems correctly, such as identifying a word as orange or white while ignoring the color of the word itself. The second test was identifying which side an arrow was at: left or right, while ignoring the direction the arrow was pointing. Prior to the two test a practice test of the test is given. I was timed on how quickly I answered each test to determine in which one I was faster at, the practice or the actual test.

The project is the study of cognition, and I am instantly drawn to anything that involves the brain, therefore, I had to give the test a try. Plus, I have heard of facts that certain people are identifying words while others are better at identifying color, depending on each individual’s brain. Thus, I was quite intrigued in the study.

I feel that I have made a good contribution to a project that is further investigating the human brain and its daily functions, especially in the unusual area of focusing attention on the necessary and ignoring the unnecessary. The brain is a mystery and I just like helping researchers with their study.
Website: http://www.gameswithwords.org/IgnoreThat/


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