Priscilla Hidrogo…

For my Citizen Science Project, I chose Plankton Portal. Plankton Portal is an interactive activity that allows you to learn about different plankton and it teaches you how to determine the different types of plankton based on their size and shape. In the program I measured the length and width of several different types of Plankton, including Solmaris, Doliolid, and Thalasso plankton. I helped to determine the pattern between the depth of the ocean and the common types of plankton found at that depth. I chose this project because I am interested in the ocean and am fascinated by the unique creatures that are found very deep in the ocean. I find that the most unique animals are found in the ocean. After completing my part in this project, I feel more informed on the various types of Plankton and on how the presence of tiny life forms makes a large impact on the ocean. If the ocean did not have Plankton then the food chain would be completely thrown off.


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