Urban Wildlife

Sara Hawkins
Science National Honor Society, 11th Grade

This semesters citizen science project was rather interesting. I decided to change from the subject of astrology into wildlife because I have more passion towards wildlife.With that being said, I have never truly learned much about urban wildlife, because I did not think there was any. Well by participating in the Chicago Wildlife Watch my previous assumptions were wrong.

In the Chicago Wildlife Watch stimulation on Zooniverse the main goal was to look through a series of pictures and attempt to find and identify an animal. Mainly urban bounded animals such as squirrels, cats, dogs, and the exception of foxes and deer near the outskirts. Well, some pictures did not include an animal in it at all, but if you were to find one then you would do your best to identify it. Seeing how many of the pictures were taken at night, and unfocused the identifying would of been difficult without the identifying tabs to help. Fortunately these tabs included the animals coat, tail, body structure, it’s build, and what it may look like. Significantly helping me out.
All in all, the stimulation become a little boring as unnecessary photos kept on repeating themselves, but it was interesting otherwise. I did not know urban wildlife watching was even a thing until I clicked on it, o the outcome was positive in my opinion.

Chicago Wildlife Watch


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