Science is Cool

Jordan Cabral
Youngker HS
Class of 2015

I attended the SNHS demonstration at Jasinski Elementary School, and worked the fire demonstration for the duration of the visit. Throughout the time our group was present, I would carefully burn the q-tips we had and/or talk to the people around us about what the demonstration was about and how it was a part of science. Most kids naturally brushed it off as at that age science is “unhip” and not for the “thug life”; however, I brushed that off and happily demonstrated how fire could be different colors if certain chemical compounds were used with the burning.
Now, you may ask: “But Jordan, how does this help the community?” And my answer is: we went over and told a bunch of kids that science is cool; if that isn’t trying to help, I can’t tell you what is. My biggest reason for doing this would be that I like helping people learn and having them enjoy learning, although I don’t want to be a teacher so that probably won’t go far. Either way, showing kids that you can actually do cool stuff with science class is fun, and was a more productive use of the time than a lot of other things I could’ve done. Overall, it was a fun time and I would do it again if I had the chance.


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