Moon Mappers

Brionna Blankenship
April 1, 2015
Citizen Science Project – Semester 2

Moon Mappers

This project was an online experiment that really caught my interest. After visiting Arizona State University in March, I’ve had an interest in the moon and space in general. This project was perfect for that. Online I was able to look at different pictures of the actual moon. In the pictures I had to identify and highlight craters. Some craters we’re harder to find than others, especially if the sun was casting a shadow on the moon. The simulation took me through different levels in pictures, making the craters harder to find as the levels got higher. Towards the end of the project I had photos where I was identifying about ten craters, even ones with a shadow casted over them. This project kept my interest the whole time and the simulation was very easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this project to anyone who as interest in the moon or space.


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