Science Fair at Westpark

Zach Blowers

For this semester’s community project, other members and I took a trip to WestPark Elementary school during their science fair. While there, we showed students, parents, and teachers a couple of science demonstrations. The first demonstration was “controlling” the color of fire by soaking Q-tips in different chemicals and lighting them with a Bunsen burner. The second demonstration was a tie-die note card. For the notecard, we used food coloring, shaving cream, sharpies, and rules. I joined this project because I enjoy teaching the science behind things to younger students in hopes that they too will have a liking for science and how things work. Another reason was because I attended WestPark for elementary school myself.

I believed it helped the community by encouraging students to become more interested in science and academics. I also believe it helped encourage parents to have their students become encouraged. The world’s future rest on the backs of current students. Without science, we would not be as far as we would in technology. Science is key to expanding the limits and boundaries of any current barriers and these current students may be the ones to break them down. Also, science is almost always fun. I felt great after doing my part because I felt like students learned more than their normal courses are currently offering.


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