Exploring Science at ASU

Brionna Blankenship
March 23, 2015
Community Project – Semester 2

I was excited to go on this field trip because I knew that not only would I have the chance of learning in depth about the earth, but got the chance of having one on one time with real ASU students to talk to them about some questions I had. Our trip started off with a 3-D movie presentation that really sparked my interest. The presenter went into depth about the earth and the universe and just how small the earth really is. He said things that I never knew and the facts were really interesting. After the movie we got the chance to go into the Bio Design Institute. This building is under tight security so I felt privileged to be able to have a tour. Our tour guide was an employee of the institute and gave us a lot of great information. Later, after the tour was over, another tour guide who was an ASU student gave us a tour of another building. There he offered to us to be able to ask any questions we might have about college. I’m very happy that he gave me the one on one time and he was able to answer almost all of the questions I had. The trip to ASU was very exciting and educating and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in ASU or going into a career in science.


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