Zooniverse Penguin Watch

Madison Derho
Citizen Science Project

Website: www.penguinwatch.org

For my citizen science project, I did the Zooniverse Penguin Watch.  I was given photographs from nesting sites in Antarctica and I was to label the animals in the photo, whether it be an adult penguin, a chick, an egg, or a miscellaneous animal near their nesting site.  A key was given to classify whether the penguins were adult or not.  The majority of the photos were of just landscape, there were no penguins or another animals, while a few of the photos had numerous amounts.  A chose this project because penguins are one of my favorite animals and I love learning about different animals’ habitats and possible restoration.  I loved doing this project because I felt like, on a very small scale, I was helping with penguin conservation.


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