Vision to Your Future

Madison Derho
Community Project #1

I took part in the Vision to your Future event at the University of Arizona for my first community science project.  There was a panel presentation all about how college is a “good challenge”.  It focused on the benefit of over-studying, how professors are willing to answer your questions and are there to help you, and lastly, not to buy the meal plan.  Next, there was a poster session and informational science activities.  I joined the project because I am interested in attending U of A and I have a high interest in plants and sustainability.  Attending this event was important because I realized even small class projects or research studies can lead to big finding and that even if you are only creating a poster for your research lab, you are also finding ways to solve worldly problems that can benefit the majority.  After attending this event, I feel like looking into plant sciences more especially when choosing college classes next year.


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