Unlimited Penguins

Carl Vallier

Citizen Science Project

For my citizen science project, I was given the opportunity to assist in sorting through a seemingly unlimited supply of images of penguins. My job was to mark all the adults, chicks, eggs, and other mammals in the picture. Sadly, most of the time there were too many penguins in the picture to count, so the picture had to be skipped. Other than that, I feel very accomplished due to the fact that I was helping real professionals in their observation, management, and conservation of the penguins. I was also happy at the fact that I was able to view real images of real penguins. In movies, they only show certain carefully selected images of penguins. These images however, were uncut and unfiltered; some or even most of which have not even been seen by professionals yet. When I set my feelings aside and focus on the professionals who analyze the data, I can imagine how tiresome it would be for them to sort through all of the images themselves. Not only would it have taken a considerable amount of brain power and tolerance, but a great deal of time would have been lost as well, and the more time these professionals are counting penguins in pictures, the less time they  can apply their knowledge to the real world.


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