Ancient Writing

Madison Frary

I always end up being really surprised when I go to do these citizen projects. I go in expecting one thing but the outcome is completely different. Today I decided to get to work and I come across a website to help them identify writing samples that were left behind by the ancient people. I chose to do this particular project as I always wondered what the ancient writing used to look like. I was seriously surprised when I started to help. I was suppose to label letters so they could then be matched up and translated into words. This was extremely hard. All the letters seemed to blend in together, the paper it was on was of course in bad shape, and all this resulted in a hard time identifying letters. Zooming in even seemed to be counterproductive. After this project I have a new respect for people who go to school just for this reason, the 30 minutes I spent on the computer trying to help was frustrating enough!


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