We went to ASU

Omar Valles
Science National Honor Society

Community Outreach Paper

We went to Arizona State University to experience a tour of the anthropology department, as well as some labs. I joined this project because I am always interested in what smarter people have to say. Also, I was hoping to go to the observatory, but it was still fun anyways. It was a very eye opening experience and I think that’s what made the science of anthropology stick out to me. When studying figure drawing you have to take anatomy into consideration, so when the speakers went further in depth on the structure of the skulls, I felt as if I could apply that knowledge elsewhere. So that’s why I think learning more about science is important; the knowledge you gain from it can bridge over and help you with many other subjects. It felt great going on the trip, and I can now honestly say I love learning about chewing muscles and cranial capacities.


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