Omar Valles

Citizen Science Paper

For my citizen science paper I had the task of going through a series of photographs that depicted plankton. I was required to measure each plankton’s width and length, as well as get close as possible to identifying each individual plankter’s subspecies. I chose this project because I have always been interested in marine life, especially smaller crustaceans like lobsters or the mantis shrimp. After identifying around fifty plankton so far, I feel pretty smart. This simple exercise does a pretty good job of showing how all plankton branch off into their own subgenres. Like for instance, when starting to identify a plankton, I would have to determine if it was round, if it had a tail, if it was jellyfish like, or if it was elongated. To sum the experience up though, it was quick, interesting, and educational.

Plankton Portal:


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